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art studio spaces available for hire!!

Inkspot Event Venue is situated in a grade 2 listed church, which for the past 3 decades, has been home to a beloved arts and craft store, we have decided to change direction, our venue has 2 large rooms that can accommodate 140 people, great for rehearsals, dance practice, live music and entertainment.
We are still a part of the art community here in Cardiff, we have our art studios for hire on a monthly basis and our venue is hireable for gallery exhibitions and art classes.

some examples of what you can use inkspot event venue

Inkspot art studios event venue Cardiff

So events is our new direction, across 2 floors, we are able to cater to most any requirements needed. the building has WiFi, cafe with a play area and a garden for those summer days.

the main event room all set ready for a classic inkspot film night - inkspot art studio hire and event venue

Inkspot's Main Event Room

Inkspots main event venue has been rated to accommodate 140 people, this is a very comfortable amount considering how large the room actually is. want to know more contact contact us

the perfect music venue with its great acoustics - inkspot art studio hire and event venue

upstairs of Inkspot

This room is just as big but, it has a huge dome vaulted ceiling, for live music, well lets just say the acoustics sound phenomenal

the church from the front - inkspot art studio hire and event venue

Art Studios and Bespoke Framing

For those who are familiar with inkspot arts and crafts, you know the shop has been closed for the change on business direction, but we still have our framing service provided by artist Andrew Lanning, and our art studios are available to rent. look below.

Inkspot's art studios
and framing section

About Inkspot Event Venue

Inkspot is new to the world of hosting events, we have a great venue close to Cardiff city centre. we have 2 large function rooms and 40+ artist studios many are hired out but availability changing all the time. so far we have had some amazing drum and bass/ jungle events, we even have an ongoing under 12 disco! thats not it though, we have had graduation parties who have used their own catering. We are curently going through alot of changes here at Inkspot, we arew looking towards having a cafe open in the 2nd room and looking for young artist/band comedians who would like to use the venue. contact us info@inkspot.online.

Professional statement

Artist Andrew Lanning

"I strive to give the viewer, the lighter side or Dream state. Unlike the earlier surrealists, who incorporated an unease, almost disturbing visions, certainly right for the time. Personally I believe in giving the passion and most importantly the love that illuminates my artistic journey. I also believe that surrealism is indeed the journey that bring that revolution. The evolution of unique style".

Inkspot event venue location

If your looking to find our artist studios or our event venue then you dont have to look far. they're all in the same bilding in an old listed church at the top of clifton street in Cardiff.

Inkspot arts and crafts
The old church
Upper clifton st
CF24 1PU